About Books

This is a blog about books.

My sister the English major and I the aspiring writer, have something of an unhealthy obsession with them. I once worked in the coffee shop in a book store. I rarely made it home with my paycheck. Books are the only things I allow myself to collect–when I move, books make up a majority of the boxes that I tote around. I cannot adopt the habits of a true nomad because of the books anchoring me to one place or another.

I love books. Old books, new books, red books, blue books… Children’s books, literature, great books, terrible books (Twilight, I’m looking at you). I love the feel of libraries and bookstores, the excitement of a new read.

Shanna and I can mark much of our lives in books. When we were young there was the Pizza Hut Book-It club. We gleefully filled up our pins (stickers over the stars to indicate books read) and crunched our free pizzas, looking forward to the next books more than the next pizzas.

Then there was Accelerated Reader–points awarded for passing quizzes on books could be used for various prizes (none of them books, sadly…) At age 9 I made a C on a quiz over Alice in Wonderland; it’s probably time I revisited that one.

Harry Potter was a big deal in my house–the first set of books after the Animorphs series that my brother really loved. Getting the first crack at the coveted copy of a new Harry Potter book was a privilege indeed, generally marked by eight or nine hours of uninterrupted reading. Those of us waiting for our turn understood that we would get it sooner if there was less pestering and nagging.

Late high school was filled with reading for classes–all the literary classics. I still haven’t managed to make it through James Joyce’s A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man–I like his use of language, but that book is one long, damp, narcissistic wank.

Computer science at university obliterated my time for reading for pleasure. My preferred style of book consumption involves doing absolutely nothing other than reading. Occasionally I will shift positions so as not to develop bed sores.  But still I dreamed of the time to read books. As soon as a school holiday arrived, I would pick up another book and immerse myself in it for days on end.

Shanna, on the other hand, chose a major that encourages her to read all the time!

We both dream of building a library that is a cross between

the library in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast,

the toy store in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium,

and the City Museum in St. Louis.

Until we build our amazing library, though, we’ll continue measuring our lives in books; reading, thinking, and writing about them. And we’ll share all that with you!

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