Courage by Bernard Waber

“Courage is if you knew where there were some mountains, you would definitely climb them.”

“Courage is arriving much too early for a birthday party.”

“Courage is holding on to your dream.”

This is my book, my favorite book.  The author and illustrator is the same man who brought us Lyle, Lyle Crocodile and Ira Sleeps Over, and this time he’s chosen to tell us what courage is.  Through a series of creative and funny, sometimes very tender illustrations, he explains that there are many different types of courage, and many ways to be brave. For a dog in the story, going crazy on the end of his leash, chasing after a terrified and puffed-up cat, courage is “breaking bad habits”, for the new kid, courage is “saying, flat out, ‘Hi, my name is Wayne. What’s yours?'”

A dear friend of mine, who is also a wonderful preschool teacher, told me about this book, and now I reread it every time I need to feel brave about something.  It’s not just for kids; grown-ups feel scared too, and this book is all about the “keep trying” that makes being brave possible.

Happy Reading!

I wasn’t able to find Mr. Waber’s personal website, but here is the publisher’s page:

Waber, Bernard. Courage. Houghton Mifflin Books: New York, 2002. 40 pp. Ages 4-8. ISBN 978-0618238552.

If you like this book, try Lyle, Lyle Crocodile by the same author, or Spaghetti in a Hotdog Bun by Maria Dismondy.

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