“What are you?” I whispered.

He shrugged again.

“Something,” he said. “Something like you, something like a beast, something like a bird, something like an angel.”

He laughed. “Something like that.”

Michael’s baby sister is desperately ill, clinging to life in a hospital and facing the prospect of heart surgery.  Michael’s parents are distraught, and Michael feels like his world is falling apart.  After all, isn’t moving to a new house supposed to be exciting and fun?  But there’s not really any point in fun when your family is heartbroken, Michael supposes.

As he explores the decrepit garage behind their new home, Michael discovers the most extraordinary creature.  Weak, frail, and covered in dead bugs and spiderwebs, the strange being creakily requests food-he’s on death’s door, you see. Michael befriends him, feeds him, and helps him grow stronger.  Michael also confides in his new companion, this dusty, broken angel-like creature with a fondness for take-out Chinese food.  It may be strange, but he’s the only one Michael has to talk to.

This is a beautiful, mysterious little fairy tale about a lonely boy and a frightened family.  The words feel like poetry, and the story will carry you along.  For anyone whose ever worried about a family member, found something mysterious, or felt alone-this book is what you need.  Plus, you know it’s a great one because it’s a Printz honor book-you can’t go wrong with the award winners!

Happy Reading!

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